how to get a lot of followers on instagram – 11 Steps

If you own an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, and is using Instagram app to upload and share images within your Instagram community and on all social networks, there is a good news for you…! Wondering of what it is?

Stop wondering more…! As, now you can increase the number of Instagram followers simply by following some valuable and productive tips or steps. If you want to boost-up your Instagram presence, getting more Instagram followers can be fruitful for you in all respect. Increased number of followers will lead to increased exposure and popularity, both for individuals and business organizations.

Now, the question is what are the ways through which one can get more number of followers for his/her Instagram profile. If you want a lot of Instagram Followers then you should follow these exquisite ways are –

Participating in the community

Share Images with which people can connect and relate to

Using of popular and relevant Hashtags

Post at the right time

Follow others

Posting memorable content

Complete your Bio

Ask questions in photo captions

Post images frequently, but not too much

Use filters and Apps

Buying Real Instagram Followers

For one’s better understanding, the above stated points are explained in detail below.

1. Participating in the community

participating in the instagram community

Participation is must

For your active participation in the Instagram community, you need to first follow similar accounts. That is, you need to interact with people, whom you can correlate yourself easily, besides just uploading images.

For this, you need to find-out people who are posting images that hold your attention or interest you, and follow their accounts. As a result of this, you will be able to view their latest pictures on your feed. But, you need to also ensure that you follow only limited amount of people, otherwise your feed will become too overloaded with pictures to process.

As soon as you start following some people, start liking their photos and comment on them. This will help in making the holder of the account feel good about you, and force them to check-out your profile. But for this, it is necessary that you stay active on Instagram. Initiation of this process will lead to a secure and stable squall of new followers.

The next step in your active participation is giving response to the comments you receive on your uploaded images. This posting and receiving of comments is essential for sustaining a healthy follower’s base. You can even ‘Thank’ your followers for their comments. Moreover, you can ask questions from your followers, and for this, you can take the effective use of photo caption.

This makes your comments section more active and catches viewer’s attention towards your uploaded images. Moving further in this regard, you can also connect your Instagram page with your Facebook account, as Instagram is now owned by Facebook. Once you connect the two, your Instagram posts will be reflected on Facebook too, giving you more exposure and more number of followers.

An easy way to connect your Instagram page with your Facebook account is the use of Instagram Settings Menu.

2. Share Unique and Genuine Images

Share Unique and Genuine Images on instagram

uniqueness matters a lot

In order to get more number of followers for your Instagram account, it is necessary that you should upload pictures with which other people can easily relate and connect.

When you buy instagram followers from us, we share your photographs on our own established network. This is how we get our clients genuine and authentic followers.

If you look into, you will find that most of the accounts on Instagram have a familiar thing in them; that is, they all have a common theme. The reason for this is that this makes people relate and connect with the images quite easily.

In a layman language, you should share images that are unique, eye-catchy, original and personal. Sharing of such images will lead to a strong connection with your clients and also helps in grabbing the attention of the people towards your account. However, it is utmost important that your Instagram account is original and genuine.

3.Using Popular and Relevant Hashtags

Hashtags are the words and short phrases that act as an effective tool to illustrate and categorize your images. With the help of these Hashtags, one can easily search your image(s) on Instagram and add them to recent trends.

Using Popular and Relevant Hashtags on instagram

Not more than 3 hashtags

Webstagram provides you usually used and popular hashtags, so that you can use them as per your requirement to enhance the visibility of your images. Some of the trendily used hashtags are – #love, #instagood, #me; #like, #follow, #cute, #photooftheday, #tbt, #followme, and #tagsforlikes.

You can use these hashtags to each of your uploaded images as per their relevancy. But, you also need to keep this thing in mind that the number of hashtags should be limited to three at the most.

More number of hashtags makes your images too spammy. Apart from this, you can also create your own hashtags, if you have reasonable amount of followers. In this way, you can popularize your Instagram account and can enhance your community presence.

When you buy from us, we share your photograph and video to our network and search the best 3 hashatgs for you that are directed to your business. profile and good number of search volume.

4. Geo Tags Images

geo tags images on instagram

Geo Tag Images

In order to increase the number of followers for your Instagram account, you can also geo-tag your images. Reason being, users on Instagram search photos from location also. So, if you geo-tag your photos, the app (Instagram) will bring-up other images with similar location. In this manner, other people will view your image (posted with similar location) and follow them.

5. Post at Right Time

optimal post time on instagram

Timing matters a lot

Before posting your images on Instagram, you need to make sure that in what time zone the majority of your clients or audiences live and at what time they check their account. Taking one example – most of the Instagram users login their account when they have leisure time like first thing in the morning, while on-the-move, etc. If according to demographic condition, your intended clients or audiences are high school or college students, you should post your images in the afternoon when students are usually free.

If you buy from us, we share your photograph at that time which would be seen by as many peoples as possible.

6. Follow others

By following the simple reciprocation rule, one can get or enhance followers on Instagram. As per the rule, if you want that other people will follow you, you also need to follow them. So, if you want that people will like your uploaded pics on Instagram, you also have to like their posts. To make it very simple to understand, you need to be active all the time. The more active you are on Instagram, the more exposure and followers you get.

follow other on instagram

Get followed by Following Others

It does not look good, if you have many followers in your account. That is why you do not have to follow anyone back when you buy from us.

7. Posting Memorable Content

One of the best and easy ways to get more followers on Instagram is to post unique, captivating and interesting photos. Such kind of pictures make you stand apart from others. Also, you need to upload images that can easily relate with your target audiences. If your audiences can associate themselves with your uploaded images, the more are the chances that they will follow you.

8. Add Filters

add filters on instagram

Filters Make your Image Unique

To give life-like feel to the images, you can Add Filters to them. These filters can effectively adjust the colour and contrast of the images, and have made Instagram popular among the general public. There are number of filters available on Instagram, so you can choose the most suitable one as per your image requirement. But, you need to keep one thing in mind, i.e. the usage of same filters over and over again. Usage of repetitive filters will make your images boring and droning.

When our customers tbuy followers, likes or comments our experts add the best filters suited to the photograph and share it on diffrent social media.

9. Add Captions

In addition, wherever necessary, you can Add Captions to the uploaded images. A good caption will make your images more fascinating and out of the ordinary. Also, it helps in retaining the existing followers and attracting the new followers. Even, you can use a variety of Editing Apps (available for both iOS and Android users) to add text, brighten, crop, darken and effects, and do much more with your photos. You can either use Adobe After Effects, Photoshop, Picasa, Bokehful, Overgram and Aviary.

To make the display of your images different and intriguing, you can also make a big collage that could display at most 12-16 pictures at a time and post it on instagram. Some of the apps that will help you in this InstaPicFrame, PicStitch and InstaCollage. Above all, you need to post images at a excellent time, so that number of users can view them and follow them subsequently.

10. Complete your Bio

complete your bio on instagram

Add Links to other accounts

Your Bio will reflect who you are, what your brand is and whether one should follow you or not. Therefore, it is necessary that it should be complete, effectual and up-to-date.

11. Post images frequently, but not too much

In order to maintain existing followers and to attract new followers, it is indispensable that you should post images recurrently. It is also an easy and handy way to get more followers. If you have hundreds of images to post or share on Instagram, you need to segregate them into parts to upload on daily basis. Flooding of images will distract your followers, and there is a possibility that they will unfollow you.

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