How to use LinkedIn For Business

LinkedIn is a big social networking site, having thousands and millions of users worldwide that are connected with each other in professional terms. You can take its full use if you know the right skills and maintain connections with many people to soar up your professional career.

Simply you can say that this social networking site is designed and developed predominantly for professionals to stay connected with each other in order to post and find jobs, share content, find out answers, make business contacts and build thought leadership. It is a hub of influential and affluent professionals and a successful marketing tool to grow your business. Any organization, whether it is a small business or a big firm, can use this inexpensive and now-a-days popular marketing tool (termed as LinkedIn) to expand their business in every respect.

How To Use LinkedIn Effeciently

Step 1: Join Groups

The success key for business organization is that it should get right employees and customers. So in this respect, if you are using any social media network, like LinkedIn, to find out prospective and just right customers and manpower for your business, you should join groups where the chances of getting what you exactly want are high.

Join gropus on Linkedin

Join Groups

For this, firstly you need to identify or search for such groups and then generate content like articles, guides and blog posts that feature subjects germane to that group. By joining groups and connecting with more and more people, a business organization can establish their brand and can promote their products and services among the general masses in a natural way.

You can also purchase LinkedIn Connections. By doing that yuou do not have to join groups. We give quality comnnections that matches with the skills you have and profession you want.

Step 2: Create your own Group

To serve your business in the best possible manner, you (as an industry or firm) can create your own LinkedIn group for a specific group of people i.e. with whom you as a business wants to deal with or whom you have worked earlier. You can start building your group with people you know well. This may include friends, colleagues, relatives and contact groups of your friends. Create as many groups as possible to accrue your target customers.

create your own Group on LinkedIn

Your Own Group

There are certain things that a business should keep in mind while creating a group on LinkedIn. Firstly, the company name should be clear and stated well. Secondly, the logo of your company should be small, effective and catchy. Thirdly, create accustom webpage for your LinkedIn group on your company’s website. Last but not the least, display your group on the LinkedIn Group Directory to enhance its visibility.

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Step 3: Publish client’s recommendations

Clients recommendations on Linkedin

Client’s Feedback

You can get new customers for your business through online recommendations and word-of-mouth publicity. You can ask your existing yet satisfied customers or clients to write a recommendation for your business, to be published on your LinkedIn profile and transmit on entire LinkedIn network.

Step 4: Stay connected with people who are concern for your business

stay connected on LinkedIn

Stay connected

With the help of LinkedIn, you can keep your business in-action in the minds of people, who are concerned about your business in one or the other way. Even, you can link your LinkedIn account with Twitter account to create a huge impact of your business status updates.

Step 5:Find Right Vendors

With the help of LinkedIn, you can effortlessly find and scrutinize vendors for your business by effectively using your friend’s connection. In addition to this, you can trade services with your vendor connections too.

Getting venodos all by yourselff is difficult and time taking process. You have to take help of professionals for it’s complete use.

Step 6: Building of Industry Network

You can also make your industry network either online or in person through a meticulous search on LinkedIn’s Groups directory. For your better understanding, if you are a wedding or event planner, you need to search approx. over 500 groups to create your own business network. Besides, you can also use LinkedIn to highlight popular events, targeted jobs, recruitment videos, information about products and services and images of your industry.

build industry network on LinkedIN.jpg

Building Industry Network

It is manually not possible for a single person to take care of these connections. We promote your profile in gropus and our own network too give a better overview of your business.

Step 7: Getting answers to strenuous questions relating to business

friends connection on LinkedIN

Friend’s Connection

If you are a small business owner and want answers to some arduous business questions, you can take the help of your friends group on LinkedIn. They will help you to get answers of all such niggling questions quickly and easily. Even, you can use different LinkedIn forums to share the knowledge you have acquired in your area of expertise. This is one of the most influential ways to win new business or prospective clients for your business.

Step 8: To raise funds

You can also take the advantageous use of LinkedIn to find-out investors for your business, as there are approx. more than 3M startup professionals and over 12M small business professionals on LinkedIn. So, it will be favorable from your business perspective to stay connected with them. Once you get connected with such professionals, your active participation on LinkedIn may force them to consider investing in your business.

Step 9: Sharing of Content

You can share unique blog content relating to your business or the products and services of your business on your LinkedIn profile in order to popularize it. Cherry on the cake is that you can specify exactly what type of clients you want for your ad campaigns, and therefore, can include a link to your profile to make them aware of your presence.

Sharing of Content on LinkedIn

Builds Link Back to Your Website

Step 10: Stay Competitive

In the way to use your LinkedIn page to boost-up your business, you need to stay competitive. A business in its public profile on LinkedIn should emphasize on key statistics that include recent hires, new launch of product or service, etc. This helps people to browse your company page more often and give you an opportunity to stumble upon potential hires.

Step 11: Using LinkedIn applications

Similar to that of Facebook, a business can also use LinkedIn applications to promote their business. These applications include File, reading lists, polls, blogs, etc.

Use LinkedIn Applications for your profile

utilize LinkedIn Applications

Looking towards the other side of the coin, it is essential that one’s LinkedIn profile should be such that a business organization finds it easy to access it in order to get just right customers, investors and employees for their firm. There are certain things that one can do to make his/her LinkedIn profile popular.

Upgrade your LinkedIn Profile

Strengthen and upgrade your profile on LinkedIn and make it more interactive. Apart from your work experience and educational background, you can also add your expertise to your profile to make it more advanced. Through the following means, you can update your profile and make it more attractive.

Step 1: Status Update

status update on Linkedin

Complete your Status

To keep your connections well-versed in regards to your activities, you need to post ‘Status Updates’ more frequently. Status updates are the statements that describe you in brief. These status updates also include links of relevant content on your page. In short, to keep yourself active on LinkedIn group, you need to post actionable and constructive updates time and again.

Step 2: Blog Posts, Presentations, Events and Tweets

You can also link your LinkedIn profile with your blog posts. In this manner, whatever content you post on your blog, it automatically gets reflected on your LinkedIn page. Even, you can add or display PowerPoint presentations or Google Docs in your LinkedIn profile, post a LinkedIn Event to promote and generate interest in your event, and can combine your LinkedIn Status Updates with your Twitter Tweets in order to keep your connections and followers up-to-date.

Step 3: Showcase your creative portfolio

LinkedIn also allows you to display your creativity (creative portfolio) in your profile.

Taking best use of LinkedIn Community Features

Aside from your profile, LinkedIn also offers numerous community features that will help you to associate yourself with other LinkedIn users. Some of the features are –

LinkedIn Groups

You can use LinkedIn Groups to stay connected with people of same interests or fields. You can either join any group(s) or can create your own groups.

LinkedIn Answers

You can use LinkedIn Answers to share business knowledge with others and to stay connected with compatible persons.

Company Pages

An individual can also search for companies whom they want to associate with. He/she can make and manage his/her profile in such a manner i.e. by showcasing their interests and expertise, that a business can easily search them.

An organization can also include LinkedIn as a part of their marketing strategies. But, it is not necessary that its inclusion will benefit every business type. However, if you want to grow and enhance your business, you can give it a thought.

With the help of this valuable networking site, a business organization can find and reach to any individual whom they want to connect, either directly or through connections. Also, if one has just started his/her business and does not have high budget, in such case also LinkedIn can proved to be a worthwhile and profitable tool to reach to people.

Now, to take the discussion further we reach to a point where question arises that how one can use LinkedIn to expand or grow his/her business. The answer to this question is simple and fruitful to understand for any organization. By using the following illustrated tips and information, you can take most out of what is available.